Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bushnell Park Tour, Hartford, CT

Today tour guides took us around Bushnell Park in Hartford and explained the history of the park and the monuments. My memory does not allow me to repeat all the info we were given, but I can share with photographs what we saw. These are pictures of the park and from the park of the city.

They end up in the cracks creating a pattern.

A form of anesthesia was used for entertainment purposes. Horace Wells recognized the value of using it to dull pain during surgery. Thankfully!

City squirrel

There are 157 different varieties of trees on the park.

I call this "A study in Window shades".

George wanted me to take a picture of this sign.

Spirit of Victory
Spanish American War

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch
Civil War Memorial

Israel Putnam

Corning Fountain