Monday, January 15, 2018

Christmas Ornaments for my family's info

Since I don't have really regular subscribers to my blog, I am just using this as a place to "store" this info for my family. 

Many Christmas ornaments are obvious that they are from various vacations we went on but I wanted to document some just for your information.


In the picture above, the red, white and blue bell, I made for our first Christmas.
The dried flowers are from our first Christmas too.
The rattan-type bell is part of a set but most have had to be thrown out. They were part of a wedding gift of ornaments from my childhood friend, Margie Watson. 
The angel is my little angel that my parents bought for me for my first Christmas. It has lost it's wings. I believe they bought it at G-Fox.
The wooden nativity, Dad and I bought in Pennsylvania on our honeymoon. 
The Deb mail box was made by the postmaster/boss who hired me in East Hartland, Priscilla Silkey. (she has since passed away). 
The peanut man, I am pretty sure my Mom made.
The bird houses were made by Uncle Joe.
The bird on the clothes pin I made with the kids, Tiffany and Ben.
The crochet skates were made by Dad's sister, Ellie.
The rainbow candy were just bought in honor of rainbow candy being invented in Winsted, CT.
The star was made by a customer from East Hartland, as was another ornament like that. He was a nice guy, Robert Burke and sadly died in a fire at his workshop.
All spoons used to be Grammy Washington's.
The wooden ornament is from Germany from my friend, Joanne Bazzano who was in my wedding. She bought it when she went to Germany.
The paper ornament is from Hedy Wasner, another friend from my days at CG Insurance. She brought it from Poland where she was from.

The ones above I made in a Christmas program at Valley.

I didn't take pictures of some...the one that says "teacher" is from being a Sunday School teacher at Valley.
The one that says Dear Santa shaped like a letter, was given to me from a teacher at the Hartland Elementary School for personally answering all the Santa letters from her class.
It is obvious the ones Tiffany and Ben made and that some like the fireman and wrestlers were Ben's.
All I can think of for now. Will add more if I think of more.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ice Chunks in the Farmington River

What an awesome treat today. We happened to drive by the Farmington River in Collinsville and were so amazed to see these amazing chunks of ice that must have thawed when we had our record warm days and the river moved them to the edge as it flowed and then they re-froze when the temperatures dropped. That's the only explanation we could think of, but I just have to say it was such a treat to see them. Some chunks of ice were clear as glass and you could see through them. This was something we never saw before and were so glad to happen across it.

Truly these pictures don't give credit to the wonder of seeing these massive chunks of ice in person. I encourage you, if you are near Collinsville this week, check it out.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Silas Immanuel


First time we met Silas

Grandpa George's 70th Birthday Party and Silas' first meeting for many.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and stripes

May or June

Father's Day

Stanclift Cove

 Fourth of July Parade, Barkhamsted

 Stanclift Cove

Meet Silas Party

Silas first baseball game, Yardgoats in Hartford

Daddy's Birthday at the Cove

Silas just wouldn't look up

Sunday Breakfast at the diner

the Ocean

Riverton Fair with Grandma & Grandpa

At Cousins' adoption party

First Christmas Cookie
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Silas 1st Christmas Eve