Monday, April 27, 2009

24 hour writing contest

Well, I experienced something new this weekend. I was entered in a 24 hour short story writing contest. At exactly 12:59 pm I received the assignment--subject matter and word count. I then had 24 hours exactly to write and submit a story.

What added to the fun was a friend was doing this at the same time. Her email account filtered the email with the assignment, so she had to go to the website. That was a little nerve-racking because we had to pre-enter and she was a little nervous that she may not be able to enter, but she found her receipt and we were on our way--at our separate computers in our separate homes working on the same assignment.

Two hours later she called me and said she was done! I said, "You've got to be kidding!" I was halfway through but wasn't sure how I was going to end it. I was still playing with the idea.

She was re-writing hers and an hour later I was done with my first draft. We emailed each other our stories and we convinced ourselves that we should quit our day jobs--not really, but we both thought each other did well. She was determined to send hers that night. They send you a confirmation email and she would sleep better knowing it was there. I, on the other hand, wanted to sleep on it, should I think of something else to add or change and I am so glad I did because I did want to make a few changes.

So, the next morning when I went to the email, I saw that my friend had sent frantic emails that she had not gotten any confirmation by morning. The rules clearly stated no entries would be accepted after noon central time. We were afraid again that her email may have blocked it and we were thinking of alternative ways for her to know that they had gotten it. Well, I finished mine up and two hours later I hadn't received confirmation either. Well, the judge must have started doing them all at the same time because within minutes we both got confirmations. Phew! We could rest easy.

The contest is advertised as the ultimate for creative stress. One of the most intersting things about creative writing assignments is to see all the different things that people come up with from the same start. My friend and I both enjoyed ourselves greatly--the challenge, the creative process and the camaraderie of knowing someone who was taking the same challenge at the same time. The winners will be announced in a month.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sequel to the yoyo day

To update you on the yo yo turned out that it was a bad stem in the tire--thus the reason the fix-a-flat wouldn't work. We got it repaired and the tire balanced for $10. We will have to price around for new tires.

Now here's a curious a coincidence. We got this flat tire on Saturday. A postmaster friend got a flat tire on Sunday. She was able to find a Wal-mart with an automotive department. Hers was the stem too! She got it repaired for $3.15.

AND another co-worker had a flat tire this morning at his home (his was a nail, though). Sounds like a flat tire epidemic among postal workers!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yo Yo

No, I'm not rapping. That's they type of day I've had the ups and downs of a yo yo.
When I got home after working five hours today, my husband wanted to go out to lunch. That's a good thing. So, off we went to his favorite buffet in West Hartford.
Afterward we picked up a few necessities at the store and headed toward home.

We decided to swing into a farm store to pick up a few veggies. We don't know if that's where it all started (they have a dirt parking lot) but a few miles down the road after that stop, the car started making funny sounds. We pulled over to see our tire was flat.

Well, we knew about a mile down the road was a gas station with air. (good news)

We filled it up and were hoping to be able to limp home 7 more miles. Well, after a couple of miles, it was flat again. (bad news)

We were able to find a flat parking lot by a park. (good news)

The tire was definitely too flat to drive on. (bad news)

We have an auto club. (good news)

But we also know we would have to sit around for an hour. (bad news)

In checking the back of the van, we found an old can of fix a flat. (good news)

After shaking the can for 30 seconds, George put it on the stem and pushed the button as per the directions. There was some white stuff going toward the stem, but then there was twice as much white stuff flushing and foaming rapidly back at George from the other end.
He tried, but could not see what was wrong. (bad news)

Well, we try to be prepared and we had bought this air pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It was in the back of the van too! (good news)

It was still in its box and I believe we used it before, but at some point in time someone must have put something on top of it that was too heavy because the part that plugs into the cigarette lighter was broken. We tried and tried to fix it, but couldn't. (bad news)

Well, there's always the spare donut. This is located behind the driver's seat in the floor. We actually opened it without much trouble and found the donut. (good news)

Back to the cargo section of the van for the jack. By now a good Samaritan who had been jogging in the park, happened along. Both he and George found the jack, but couldn't get it out (bad news).

Well, after reading the manual, we were able to get the jack out and the two guys took off the old tire and put on the spare. (good news)

I hated to mention to George that we were due for another bad news, but we did make it home (good news).

The only garage we know that is open on Sat. nights was not open tonight (bad news) and that they would probably be open tomorrow, but call first in case they weren't (mediocre news).

We'll just probably wait until Monday. We do have another car. (good news)

I just went out to the car and the donut is flat. (bad news)

We are grateful that this did not happen in Hartford or on the highway, but on familiar back roads. (good news)

And best of all...tomorrow is another day. (good news)

I had to end on a good note.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter sunrise service, 2009 Goodwin Dam

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Easter Sunrise Service

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Goodwin Dam, 7 am.
God bless America.

Easter Sunrise Service, Goodwin Dam

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"because thou has seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."

John 20: 29

Yet, I wonder, how could anyone behold the beauty of nature and not believe that it was divinely created?

As we celebrated the "Son rise", geese flew in formation and landed in the water. The wind was blowing and it was chilly, but the sun and son were shining. Amen!

Easter Sunrise Service, Goodwin Dam

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"He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today..."