Monday, March 31, 2008

I can see my finger now!

Okay, I bet everyone is saying, "not her stupid finger again!" I wish I could say this would be the final "chapter" on it, but the case is not closed. The bandage/splint is off, stitches are out but I go back on May 1st for him to look at it again. It is still sore and swollen and he said I could be justified staying out of work for a few more days, but I'm going tomorrow. I have extra help for my first day back.
Dr. Wisch has been chosen as one of the best surgeons in Connecticut, so I feel pretty good about him. He says my finger has so much arthritis in it that I only have 30% usage. He's surprised that I don't have more pain. He said he can do surgery to fuse the bones. I had read on the Internet about that and I told him that I thought I would lose some usage. He says that his patients have gotten back 100%. Now that sure sounds tempting. So, I believe I will be having more surgery in the future. After that, maybe we'll persue the wrists one day. I didn't know that they had surgery to help with some arthritis. I'm glad there is help.
I am typing with 7 fingers and 2 thumbs. I am learning to use the keyboard without that one finger.
Well, hopefully that's the last you'll hear about my finger for a while.
My cat, Joshua, is on my lap as I type. He has been so affectionate and happy to have me home. He's going to be sad to see me go back to work. Me too.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

"You're Never too Old"

Well, my Uncle's Book is on It was exciting looking it up and seeing excerpts. His book is called, "Now THAT'S Funny: Casey's Classics" by Joe Casey. I am so happy for him, in his 80's and getting a book published. His book signing at the nursing home is on April 1st (what better day for a signing for a joke book?). I understand he's going to be in the newspaper and I believe a TV news crew will be there too. This is in New Hampshire, so we won't see it. We plan on going up sometime in a few weeks to get our signed copy. I'm sure that all this has brought such joy and fulfillment to him. I believe he's thinking of starting a second book. Good for him!

I don't know how all this will affect his wallet for sure. Being in a nursing home, I think they will probably lay claim to any income he makes. I don't know if he'll be allowed to keep any. At least he will have the satisfaction of having become a published author and enjoy the attention that he is getting right now. Most writers don't get rich anyway.

Uncle Joe has always had a wonderful sense of humor. It's too bad he didn't write his personal tales--he always seemed to have humorous things happen to him. Maybe it's just a healthy outlook on life that made him see the funny side of life. I've always enjoyed our visits with him. Not only is he funny, be he was also talented and created many different unique crafts that he used to sell. He was also a good ballroom dancer in his day. He's quite a guy and I am so happy for this great chapter in his life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well, this hand-in-a-sling thing is getting old. It is frustrating being home and not being able to do much when there is much to be done. My cat loves me home. My parents have taken me to lunch a couple of times.

Yesterday we finally finished Ben's income taxes. The worst part was that he worked in NY and RI too with his company and he has to file there too. Those two were a nightmare. One part says to round the figure out to four decimal points in one section. It's really crazy. Why do they make it so complicated? I was so frustrated at first, but now that I've done it, I at least know what to expect. The beginning is very confusing and you are wondering why they need to know all the stuff they are asking. AND Connecticut wants you to send copies of the RI and NY tax forms to them so they know you filed them. Crazy! That envelope is going to be thick! Well, now I'm ready to start on ours--our accountant quit this year and we bought a "box". Wish us luck! It's hard because George has his business. I hope we figure it all out correctly. Will you visit us in jail?

Today I decided to try and tackle a project and actually cleaned out the towel/sheets/blanket, etc. closet. It probably doesn't sound like a project to you, but it was--esp. with one hand.Not easy to fold sheets like this. I actually filled two garbage bags of sheets, and old towels to get rid of--going to see if an animal shelter wants them. We had plenty more than two people need.

It feels good to have accomplished something, but my finger is throbbing a tiny bit, so that's all today.

I just wanted anyone who is checking this to know I am still alive and will be back blogging away as soon as the bandage comes off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Not lifting a finger

Well, had my cyst removed on my left index finger on Wed. I guess all went well. It is all bandaged up and I have a sling to keep it elevated and out of harms way. Had a rude awakening in recovery. I thought I could go back to work in a couple of days--not! Have to see the doctor on the 31st and get clearance. He also said there is a chance because of the arthritis that the bones will still have to be fused. I am not happy about that at all.

The anesthesia was interesting in that I was in and out of being aware of the people around me. I could hear the doctor and others. They seemed to be talking non-stop about anything but the surgery. It sounds like they came to an agreement that they want to go on a medical mission's trip. That's nice.

The pain killer that they gave me had a list of possible side effects--I got them all. So, I decided to stop taking it and put up with the pain. I'm using Tylenol. It's not bad--better than the side effects of the other.

I'm learning how to type with one hand--slow going. Eating is not so hard. I can get the food to the mouth if someone cuts it up. I just have to plan ahead if I am home alone--can't use the can opener or open jars. Don't worry I won't starve.

The worst part of this will be the work that won't be done while I am away. I don't look forward to going back to a mess. Well, can't do anything about that now. Just have to take it easy at home. I won't be lifting a finger.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Being grown up

This is just a short note. As you see by the picture we are kids at heart. Unfortunately we do have all the obligations and trials that come with being adults. However, being empty nesters, sometimes we can do things that we would never have done in front of the children. Tonight was one of those nights.

Feeling a little down and turning to food for comfort, we went to Friendlies' for "dinner". Well, George wanted to have a sundae for dinner. I was a little more hungry than that, so we had appetizer and dessert!--Waffle fries loaded wih cheese, and bacon bits. Then we had a happy ending sundae. We didn't have to worry about setting a bad example. That's one of the good things--we can be grown up but we don't have to act that way all the time. Are we going backwards?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Stealing Lincoln's Body"

Tonight my Civil War history buff husband said he wanted to go to the local Civil War round table. I have gone and there have been ones that are interesting, but there have been ones that I found very boring. I looked up the topic and I decided to go.

Tom Craughwell author of "Stealing Lincoln's Body" spoke. He was an excellent speaker and the topic was interesting. It all started with Lincoln's death and the argument between Mrs. Lincoln and the government about where he was to be buried. As should be, Mrs. Lincoln won, however, the other events would not have happened if he had been buried where the government wanted to bury him.

In the 1800's more than half of the money was counterfeit and Benjamin Boyd was one of the best counterfeiters. When he got caught in 1876, this Irish crime lord was so disappointed about losing his source of money that he concocted this plot to steal Lincoln's body, bury him in Indiana and send a ransom letter in exchange for the pardon and release of Benjamin Boyd and $200,000 cash.

The rest of the story is so full of unbelievably stupid things that this would make a great comedy. The crime lord hired these three to do the physical labor that sounded more like the three stooges--one of them was a counterfeiter also, however, unlike everyone else who did paper money, he did nickels. Anyway, the story is one of mishaps, a spy, a stake out in stocking feet and when the plan doesn't work, a literal cover up of where Lincoln's body was moved to and a secret society called, Lincoln's Guard of Honor who protected his body. They told Robert Lincoln where he was, but other than that, no one knew but the guard.

When a new tomb was being constructed in 1901, Lincoln's body had to be moved again and to be sure it was him, they opened the tomb which was sealed in lead. A 13 year old boy named Fleetwood Lindley was a son of the Guard and his father had him come. When the casket was opened the body was perfect and it was Lincoln without a doubt. (I guess the lead preserved it). Anyway, the reason that was mentioned was that that boy died in the 1960's and he was the last person to see Lincoln's body.

Anyway, it was a pretty good Civil War evening. I hope it does get made into a movie. The author said it is being considered. It would really make a good comedy and they wouldn't have to embellish many of the facts because the robbers weren't too swift. It was an interesting part of history that I had never heard of before this. I believe Lincoln had a good sense of humor and I bet even he would have found this comical.

As for me, if someone takes my bones, tell them they can have them. That won't be me any more. I'll have no use for them. You don't have to pay the ransom money.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's a boy!

Did that get your attention? It's a boy cyst (because it's blue). I went to the doctor today and the nodule on my finger that turned blue is some kind of cyst caused by the arthritis. Of the three options, the best is to have it surgically removed. So, next Wednesday I will have the surgery in Torrington. I will be knocked out (the surgery is one hour) and will have to have a couple of days off of work (I am so sad about that--ha! ha!). It is on my left hand and I am left handed. I told George he was going to have to feed me and he just laughed--where's the love?

There's a couple of follow up visits and he can also see other arthritis surgery in my future too (my wrists and maybe the finger on my other hand), oh joy. Well, I should be grateful that they can do things like this. My only regret is that my regular physician thought I needed the MRI and the specialist said x rays would have been enough. I have to pay the deductible for the MRI ($350)--not happy about that.

Next week will be interesting. I don't think I can stay away from the computer for three days, so I will be typing with my right hand only. That will be slow going. I just don't think I can stay away for three days--then again, typing with my weaker hand only may get pretty frustrating. Well, if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Count/A Joke Book/A Birthday

Well, the mail audit is over. In twelve days I counted and categorized nearly 12,000 pieces of mail. I am so glad it is over. I recorded all the figures hard copy and on computer and faxed into headquarters, so I sure hope it is all over. The bright side of this is that some of our mail now comes delivery point sequence which means that there were over 8,000 pieces which I did not have to count (in years past I have). Now I have to catch up with the other paperwork which had to be put aside. It never ends.

We had some good news. My Uncle Joe, who is also my Godfather, has gotten his joke book published. When we used to visit him, he would have the kitchen table and the couch all covered with slips of papers which were jokes he had written and he was categorizing them. He has since had to move into a nursing home and he continued his dream. Now in his 80's my cousin has helped him get it published. They are going to have a book signing at the nursing home. I am so happy for him and can't wait to get my autographed copy. Our only regret is that it sounds like any profits have to go to the nursing home.

Next week is my father's birthday. He's going to be 75. Needless to say, he's hard to buy for and I know my kids will ask me for suggestions. It's hard enough for me to come up with something, they expect me to help them too. My Mother is not any help at all, she comes up with a list of do not buy--he doesn't need any shirts, or other clothes, he shouldn't eat sweets, he doesn't need any more sheet music or Cd's; he doesn't need a gym bag or anything for his car; he doesn't read any more; they have cable so don't need any videos; and the bad list goes on. They counted and 15 places have gone out of business that they used to like and that we would sometimes buy gift cards for.

Sometimes we try to buy them a new gadget or something we think they would like. What happens often is about a year later (that must be the recommended time to let pass) my Mom will say, "you know, we really don't need this, could you?" So, we have wised up. Now when we buy them presents we buy them something that we would like. They are not re-gifters. They are de-gifters! Well, re-gifted or de-gifted, I usually take whatever is given. Thank you.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A poem for you

Two months ago my Christian writer's group had the assignment of re-writing a psalm. I looked at every one of them and just didn't feel inspired to re-write one. I know the original psalms were written in rhyme and they were obviously from the heart. The morning before I was going to the group, I did not want to go empty handed, so I decided to write my own psalm. I believe that God inspired me to write this.

I have since sent it to a number of people I know who are going through tough times. Perhaps one of you reading this can find comfort in these words, therefore, I will share it with you now.

When my earthly sufferings, Lord
Find me down upon my knees,
With an aching heart and flowing tears,
Making known my pleas,
I yearn for your answer to be swift and sweet
Making me shout praises and jump to my feet.
Yet when silence is all I think I hear
That's when Satan whispers in my ear,
"Why would God grant answer to your prayer?
Does he exist? Does he even care?"
When the winds of the world, push me about
That's when on my faith, I need to step out.
With strength from within I blindly trust you
Knowing my vision is a limited view.
You have a plan which is perfect for me
You've told me to trust, wait and see.
Though seemingly silent I know you are near,
Listening, caring and knowing my fear.
I will trust through pain your vision divine.
Your will be done God, not mine.