Sunday, March 30, 2008

"You're Never too Old"

Well, my Uncle's Book is on It was exciting looking it up and seeing excerpts. His book is called, "Now THAT'S Funny: Casey's Classics" by Joe Casey. I am so happy for him, in his 80's and getting a book published. His book signing at the nursing home is on April 1st (what better day for a signing for a joke book?). I understand he's going to be in the newspaper and I believe a TV news crew will be there too. This is in New Hampshire, so we won't see it. We plan on going up sometime in a few weeks to get our signed copy. I'm sure that all this has brought such joy and fulfillment to him. I believe he's thinking of starting a second book. Good for him!

I don't know how all this will affect his wallet for sure. Being in a nursing home, I think they will probably lay claim to any income he makes. I don't know if he'll be allowed to keep any. At least he will have the satisfaction of having become a published author and enjoy the attention that he is getting right now. Most writers don't get rich anyway.

Uncle Joe has always had a wonderful sense of humor. It's too bad he didn't write his personal tales--he always seemed to have humorous things happen to him. Maybe it's just a healthy outlook on life that made him see the funny side of life. I've always enjoyed our visits with him. Not only is he funny, be he was also talented and created many different unique crafts that he used to sell. He was also a good ballroom dancer in his day. He's quite a guy and I am so happy for this great chapter in his life.

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