Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well, this hand-in-a-sling thing is getting old. It is frustrating being home and not being able to do much when there is much to be done. My cat loves me home. My parents have taken me to lunch a couple of times.

Yesterday we finally finished Ben's income taxes. The worst part was that he worked in NY and RI too with his company and he has to file there too. Those two were a nightmare. One part says to round the figure out to four decimal points in one section. It's really crazy. Why do they make it so complicated? I was so frustrated at first, but now that I've done it, I at least know what to expect. The beginning is very confusing and you are wondering why they need to know all the stuff they are asking. AND Connecticut wants you to send copies of the RI and NY tax forms to them so they know you filed them. Crazy! That envelope is going to be thick! Well, now I'm ready to start on ours--our accountant quit this year and we bought a "box". Wish us luck! It's hard because George has his business. I hope we figure it all out correctly. Will you visit us in jail?

Today I decided to try and tackle a project and actually cleaned out the towel/sheets/blanket, etc. closet. It probably doesn't sound like a project to you, but it was--esp. with one hand.Not easy to fold sheets like this. I actually filled two garbage bags of sheets, and old towels to get rid of--going to see if an animal shelter wants them. We had plenty more than two people need.

It feels good to have accomplished something, but my finger is throbbing a tiny bit, so that's all today.

I just wanted anyone who is checking this to know I am still alive and will be back blogging away as soon as the bandage comes off.

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