Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Count/A Joke Book/A Birthday

Well, the mail audit is over. In twelve days I counted and categorized nearly 12,000 pieces of mail. I am so glad it is over. I recorded all the figures hard copy and on computer and faxed into headquarters, so I sure hope it is all over. The bright side of this is that some of our mail now comes delivery point sequence which means that there were over 8,000 pieces which I did not have to count (in years past I have). Now I have to catch up with the other paperwork which had to be put aside. It never ends.

We had some good news. My Uncle Joe, who is also my Godfather, has gotten his joke book published. When we used to visit him, he would have the kitchen table and the couch all covered with slips of papers which were jokes he had written and he was categorizing them. He has since had to move into a nursing home and he continued his dream. Now in his 80's my cousin has helped him get it published. They are going to have a book signing at the nursing home. I am so happy for him and can't wait to get my autographed copy. Our only regret is that it sounds like any profits have to go to the nursing home.

Next week is my father's birthday. He's going to be 75. Needless to say, he's hard to buy for and I know my kids will ask me for suggestions. It's hard enough for me to come up with something, they expect me to help them too. My Mother is not any help at all, she comes up with a list of do not buy--he doesn't need any shirts, or other clothes, he shouldn't eat sweets, he doesn't need any more sheet music or Cd's; he doesn't need a gym bag or anything for his car; he doesn't read any more; they have cable so don't need any videos; and the bad list goes on. They counted and 15 places have gone out of business that they used to like and that we would sometimes buy gift cards for.

Sometimes we try to buy them a new gadget or something we think they would like. What happens often is about a year later (that must be the recommended time to let pass) my Mom will say, "you know, we really don't need this, could you?" So, we have wised up. Now when we buy them presents we buy them something that we would like. They are not re-gifters. They are de-gifters! Well, re-gifted or de-gifted, I usually take whatever is given. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this story, Deb. I am a firm believer that animals showing up unexpectedly in our lives are a sign from God. Thanks for sharing this sad but beautiful story. That young man is hopefully riding kangaroos around in heaven...