Friday, March 21, 2008

Not lifting a finger

Well, had my cyst removed on my left index finger on Wed. I guess all went well. It is all bandaged up and I have a sling to keep it elevated and out of harms way. Had a rude awakening in recovery. I thought I could go back to work in a couple of days--not! Have to see the doctor on the 31st and get clearance. He also said there is a chance because of the arthritis that the bones will still have to be fused. I am not happy about that at all.

The anesthesia was interesting in that I was in and out of being aware of the people around me. I could hear the doctor and others. They seemed to be talking non-stop about anything but the surgery. It sounds like they came to an agreement that they want to go on a medical mission's trip. That's nice.

The pain killer that they gave me had a list of possible side effects--I got them all. So, I decided to stop taking it and put up with the pain. I'm using Tylenol. It's not bad--better than the side effects of the other.

I'm learning how to type with one hand--slow going. Eating is not so hard. I can get the food to the mouth if someone cuts it up. I just have to plan ahead if I am home alone--can't use the can opener or open jars. Don't worry I won't starve.

The worst part of this will be the work that won't be done while I am away. I don't look forward to going back to a mess. Well, can't do anything about that now. Just have to take it easy at home. I won't be lifting a finger.

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