Monday, March 31, 2008

I can see my finger now!

Okay, I bet everyone is saying, "not her stupid finger again!" I wish I could say this would be the final "chapter" on it, but the case is not closed. The bandage/splint is off, stitches are out but I go back on May 1st for him to look at it again. It is still sore and swollen and he said I could be justified staying out of work for a few more days, but I'm going tomorrow. I have extra help for my first day back.
Dr. Wisch has been chosen as one of the best surgeons in Connecticut, so I feel pretty good about him. He says my finger has so much arthritis in it that I only have 30% usage. He's surprised that I don't have more pain. He said he can do surgery to fuse the bones. I had read on the Internet about that and I told him that I thought I would lose some usage. He says that his patients have gotten back 100%. Now that sure sounds tempting. So, I believe I will be having more surgery in the future. After that, maybe we'll persue the wrists one day. I didn't know that they had surgery to help with some arthritis. I'm glad there is help.
I am typing with 7 fingers and 2 thumbs. I am learning to use the keyboard without that one finger.
Well, hopefully that's the last you'll hear about my finger for a while.
My cat, Joshua, is on my lap as I type. He has been so affectionate and happy to have me home. He's going to be sad to see me go back to work. Me too.

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