Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get Motivated Business Seminar, Hartford 2012

This year we had the opportunity to attend the Get Motivated Business Seminar in Hartford, CT. Not knowing what to expect, we arrived as soon as the doors opened (over an hour before the program started)--with 15,000 in attendance, I woud suggest that to anyone planning to attend one of these. Also, I read ahead of time that no outside food, beverage or brief cases, or extra bags were allowed. I was sad to see someone's pocketbook checked and two bottles of water hit the recycle bin they have right next to the table. One poor woman obviously from a company, had a cart with a long handle with brief cases and stuff that she was told she couldn't bring in. She was calling someone frantically not knowing what to do. So, be prepared, you will be paying big bucks for water and food but we found it easier to accept with the cheap entrance tickets.

Other than that, it was a great day. Basically I want to pick highlights that I want to remember from each speaker and I thought I'd share some of the quotes with you.

Barbara Corcoran lead off the day in great style. She told of her childhood (one of ten kids) and how her Mom made her take chances and apply for things even when you think others are better than you. You have a right to do it. Some memorable quotes from her: Regarding failure: "only take a moment to feel sorry for yourself". "Perception creates reality". "Just go through the door."

I liked her philosophy that fun is good for business and that she takes time for that for her employees. She said it produces creative ideas.

Bob Mateo was another entertaining speaker and one of several who openly talked of God and their faith, which was uplifting. Memorable quotes from him: "Failures teach you how to succeed." "Don't ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you aren't willing to move your feet." "There are no missed opportunities, someone else will pick it up." "If you are not going to listen, don't ask any more." (in reference to God).

I liked Bill O'Reilly's insight into why our society is so narcissistic and it seems like a logical explanation. The internet gives instant gratification. There is constant info immediately at our fingertips. It's an "I want" society. With all this information bombarding us, when do we have time to think? So true! Listen to your thoughts, write them down. That is inspiration.

"You have a fingerprint that nobody else has to leave an imprint that nobody else can." Keith Craft spoke about how we all have a one percent factor that makes us different from everyone else. A born again Christian, he said to be a life long learner. With spiritual success, you can be an unstoppable force. His two important points were to Develop a winning belief system (the roots of a tree are the most important part) and to be a believer no matter what. You become unstoppable when you believe.

I think Bill Cosby was the highlight of the program for me. His perfecting timing, his facial expressions and his playing off the audience was entertaining. He knew how to talk about politics in such a way, that he did not offend anyone, unlike O'Reilly who fired some up--some booed him and some applauded--he had no problem with that. Bill Cosby was good at playing the middle ground (winning the popular vote) but also recognizing that things are not good in the US now.

His mantra was "Do it!" He said there is something that needs fixing. When we are good at something or come up with an idea, pursue it. Nothing is finished--there's always more things to invent or solutions to discover. He also said not to accept just passing with a C grade. He said you wouldn't want a surgeon who knows 74% of the job operating on you. Repeatedly Mr. Cosby (in his special way) said, "Get up and Do it!" and reminded us that "the Lord helps those who help themselves."

James Smith told us to be eagles and not chickens walking in circles in pecking order. He said fear of failure will destroy you. "If you won't invest in you, who will?" "A life is what you live and a living is what you make." He spoke of helping others and forgiving others and the blessings of that. His best quote, "If you don't like the cards you were dealt with, burn them. God has another deck for you."

Marcus Lattrell, a Navy Seal who survived great odds--crawling wounded seven miles in Afghanistan and being hidden and protected by a village for 6 days was the best living example of never giving up.

There were other speakers but those were the highlights for me. If I am available, I will probably go again next year. You can't go wrong with people trying to encourage you and I especially appreciate those who use God as their compass.

P.S. The indoor fireworks were awesome too!