Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Barkhamsted Senior Mystery Trip Fall 2016

One perk of being a senior citizen is the option of bus trips. Among the offers presented to us are an occasional "Mystery Trip". You pay for a trip and take your chances on where you will end up.

As our bus headed north out of the parking lot, some began guessing where the destination could be. We ended up in Bennington, Vermont for a day of activities. Our first stop was the Bennington Monument. George and I had been here before, but it had been many years.

The tower is 125 years old and 306 feet, 4 inches tall (George questioned the 4 inches and I guess it includes the lightening rod). Fortunately there is an elevator and we enjoyed some beautiful views from the top.

Inside the tower is this kettle that has been hanging in the monument for over 100 years.

We saw a few moose on our Vermont travels.

Just a unique plant.

Next we were taken to Bennington Potters where we received an interesting tour of the factory.

 They are wheeled on a track into the kiln.

The kiln.

Before and after the kiln:

And then of course, a visit to the gift shop:

This was followed by a delicious lunch at the Publyk House. So yummy!

Our final stop was the Apple Barn. First they gave us a bus tour of their vast orchards and beautiful views of the mountains. We were shocked to learn that Vermont law does not allow them to pick up the dropped apples (which we saw many). They have to leave them. 

And then we were treated to apple cider donuts, cider (cold or hot mulled) and we were all tempted by the goodies for sale in the store.

Thus ended the Barkhamsted Seniors attack upon Bennington, Vermont. It was a great day, but I cannot leave you without sharing some of the gorgeous flowers and autumn arrangements that we saw today. I love this time of year!