Saturday, September 3, 2016

Who knew cardboard and duct tape could be so much fun?

We have been to the little town of Colebrook's fair a few times, but we have never stayed for the cardboard boat regatta. This year, we decided to hang around for an extra hour waiting for the race to begin. Our only regret? That we have never done this before. I think this is the funnest thing we did all summer as far as laughs go. I look forward to going next year and bringing some other friends or family with us to share the fun. Of course, you couldn't ask for a better weather day to watch and we had good seats since we got there early.
The rules were that people could only make these boats out of cardboard and duct tape and I would have never thought anyone could float in a cardboard boat, but they did--most did that is. The creativity was awesome and everyone had a wonderful time, the spectators, the entrants--even if they sank, they were laughing. And the crowd still cheered for everyone who tried. What a nice event.
This is going to be a lot of pictures so you can kind of see the action. I was able to include a couple of videos. I have more, but I guess they are bigger than the limit allowed here. Too bad.
Here are my pictures of this year's regatta.

Then there were some who couldn't take off. Think about it--you can't do a practice run with cardboard.

Everyone was such good sports!
 Then there was the banana boat with two monkeys.

Looking like it is starting to come apart.

 Sharknado--one of many clever names.

 And then there were some who only made it half way.

But see the joy in the faces, even when they didn't make it to the finish. What a great memory they will share. 

I had two videos of this one, but it only would let me post one. I guess the other is too long, but at least you can see the ending.

Then a coyote made an entrance...

I challenge you not to laugh when you see a "coyote" paddling in a cardboard boat. And everyone laughed even harder when the other paddler accidentally hit him in the head (well, he did have a big head).

This one brought cheers from the crowd as the Ghostbuster team showed up!

 But as someone near me said about the poor Ghostbusters, "Who are they going to call?"

Bourbon Street team was handing out Madri Gras beads before the race.
Remember, it's all made out of cardboard!

 After they made it around the flag and on the way back, his partner decided to lean back and take it easy--see the feet relaxing in back?

 When you name your boat "My Swan Song" you are kind of setting yourself up for trouble.

And in the end where all cardboard boats end up--in the graveyard.

What a fun afternoon!

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