Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Thoughts (Blog Entry)

Thursday, Sept. 24th, Carvel's is giving away free their new small ice cream sandwiches between 3pm-7pm. Not sure, but think they are made with Oreo's.
If a business is losing customers and sales, is it wise to let go of customer service workers, try and maintain same product line, keep all management and raise prices? Maybe I should have taken business management classes because I just don't see how this plan is going to work. The way I see it, it will put a band aid on the boo boo to temporarily make it feel a little better, but it won't stop the bleeding.
My new abbreviations:
TBE (to be enjoyed) like the beautiful days we have been having! TBE days
TYS (told you so) it's not as blatant as shouting the words, and you can even say it under your breath--can give you self-satisfaction without aggravating the person who was wrong.
I seem to be entering time warps lately--basically going places and it seems like it takes twice as long to do things as I think it should take. I guess it's good that I've started some Christmas shopping.
Well, just a few words to let you all know that I am still alive and will be blogging more in the future. Hope you have a TBE day!