Monday, March 3, 2008

A poem for you

Two months ago my Christian writer's group had the assignment of re-writing a psalm. I looked at every one of them and just didn't feel inspired to re-write one. I know the original psalms were written in rhyme and they were obviously from the heart. The morning before I was going to the group, I did not want to go empty handed, so I decided to write my own psalm. I believe that God inspired me to write this.

I have since sent it to a number of people I know who are going through tough times. Perhaps one of you reading this can find comfort in these words, therefore, I will share it with you now.

When my earthly sufferings, Lord
Find me down upon my knees,
With an aching heart and flowing tears,
Making known my pleas,
I yearn for your answer to be swift and sweet
Making me shout praises and jump to my feet.
Yet when silence is all I think I hear
That's when Satan whispers in my ear,
"Why would God grant answer to your prayer?
Does he exist? Does he even care?"
When the winds of the world, push me about
That's when on my faith, I need to step out.
With strength from within I blindly trust you
Knowing my vision is a limited view.
You have a plan which is perfect for me
You've told me to trust, wait and see.
Though seemingly silent I know you are near,
Listening, caring and knowing my fear.
I will trust through pain your vision divine.
Your will be done God, not mine.

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