Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend Blues and Breakfast Review

Okay here I am. I've been sick AGAIN. It hit me hard and fast. I thought for sure I had bronchitics (being quite familiar with it since I used to get it every year). Knowing that the long weekend was coming and I couldn't get hold of my doctor, I went on Wed. She said I did not have bronchitics (yet). Aches, pains, chills, fever, deep cough, wheezing in chest--yikes, not yet? Well, long story short, I am on the mend but I demand a do-over. What happened to the 4th of July? I allowed my husband to drag me to the local parade, which is about 20 minutes long, and we bought pre-made salads at the grocery and cooked in. Nothing tasted good except the corn on the cob.

It was a nice 3 day weekend and I missed it. On the other hand, I guess I could say that I had the 3 day weekend to re-cooperate. Actually, I've been out of work since Wed., but it doesn't feel that long. I imagine because I am getting better--except for my imitation of a seal barking--that it probably wasn't bronchitics, but for two days I felt awful and just stayed in bed. I'm sure the cough will be lingering a while, but let me tell you that Mucinex is a great OTC cough medicine. It really loosens things up.

So, enough about me. This morning we went to the breakfast buffet at Bobby D's in New Hartford. We have been before but I want to let those of you know who haven't been what it is like. It is my favorite breakfast buffet in the area.

It is a quaint little buffet but the variety is just right for me. I love the eggs Benedict, the fried potatoes and the apple cobbler. That's good enough for me but they have scrambled eggs, hash, bacon, ham in pineapple sauce, sausage, Belgian waffles, pancakes, fruit and many pastries. There are strawberries and cream for the waffles or syrup. Now I'm sure there are a couple of things that I left out, but they are not things that I eat, so I don't care. The price is $9.99 and beverages are not included. They only have the buffet on Sunday mornings. Did I make you hungry? We've tried a few other breakfast buffets, but I like them best for the quality and choices. So, give them a try and tell them I sent you. (You can, but they don't know me and they would probably look at you funny.)

If you try it, let us know if you like it. If you don't like it, where do you like better? Eating is one of our great pleasures in life.

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