Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last words on our day at the beach

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These little birds, we believe they are terns, were fascinating to watch. Just like little children, they would follow a wave as it went out and as soon as it started coming back they would turn and run as fast as their little legs could go back to shore--often in one row across--and their little legs could go fast. They did this over and over again--yet all the while we were getting closer to them, they would also be ever so slightly, barely noticeably, moving sideways further from us. When we left they were still running into the ocean, we assume looking for food, and quickly running back as the waves came in--very fun to watch. Of course, made us think of all the puns--maybe they were called terns because they kept turning around--okay, I heard that groan. I won't tell you the others.

This other picture is the dream street to live on! That sidewalk leads straight to the ocean, which I was hoping you would be able to see in the background, but unfortunately you can't. What a neat neighborhood. Also, unfortunately, it was a private sidewalk and private beach. We kept finding private developments that kept the beaches from us. Not fair! Oh, what money can buy.

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