Monday, May 30, 2011

Norfolk Memorial Day Parade 2011--It got even "more unique"

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We were disappointed to wake up to thunderstorms, but the weatherman said they were passing, so we drove off to Norfolk, CT to the parade as we do on every Memorial Day. It was still lightly raining when we got there and parade watchers were sparse, most juggling umbrellas and American Flags which were being handed out. As we waited for the parade, it came unannounced--no beat of the drums keeping cadence or patriotic music. The two school bands who traditionally played, wimped out and did not show up. This was the first parade that we have seen without music.

This was a little disappointing when the parade stopped for the traditional firing of the guns and the playing of taps. No taps, no patriotic songs. Everyone still carried on--the scouts, the firemen, the Veterans, the Lions--small in number but big in community spirit. The show must go on and it did.

This is continued in the next post as I want to add a special picture.

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