Monday, July 4, 2011

Seven different firework displays at once!

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I had often heard that you could see the Springfield, MA fireworks from Mountain Road, North Granby, CT. I always enjoyed the view from Mountain Road. The daytime picture was taken this fall. I include it here to give you a slight idea of what we were looking at.

I have not yet mastered taking pictures of fireworks. This is the best one I could get--keep in mind we were probably about 25 miles away from them.

The fun part was not only could we see Springfield Fireworks, but fireworks in at least six other locations. We guessed one may have been Granville, MA. Some may have been "private" ones. We weren't sure which direction to look.

It is an entirely different experience watching fireworks when you can't hear them. Also we were looking at them from the side rather than above. At first I thought they were a different type because the Springfield ones gave the illusion that they were spinning.

We multi-tasked while we were there, donating blood to the local mosquitoes. :(
All in all it was a fun new experience so close to home and at the right price. :)

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