Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12 As we remember

9/11/12 Another anniversary of the horrible day we all remember. Our minds cannot help but think of where we were when we heard the news. For the days that followed we were glued to the TV watching nothing but the horrific sights, some could not watch any more. We worried if something like this would happen again.

Yet, we all went on. We went to our jobs and schools and plugged on. Even eleven years later we hear stories that we hadn't heard of lives forever lost, changed or touched by 9/11.

We remember that for a while we were kinder to one another and more reflective on life. We were more patriotic and some searched comfort in church. The attitudes and actions of the New Yorkers were especially noted to be unusually kind and caring. The world grieved with us.

It's hard to imagine that there are now pre-teens who will only hear about 9/11 from what they are told from us or seen in documentaries and the numerous books. It's been that long.

I would want them to know that this tragedy did bring America together for a short while--making us more considerate, caring, helping one another, and being proud to be an America. More flags adorned our yards than ever before. We were reminded the fragility of our lives and that although a strong nation, we could be severely wounded.

Unfortunately those strong feelings did not last for most, but are brought back in memory at least on this one day each year. At least this one day we can try to remember to be kind to one another, be thankful for our great nation and thankful that the political verbal boxing is supposed to take a break this one day.We will not forget the tragedy and likewise let's remember the patriotism, the kindness, the unity. 

God bless the USA.

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