Monday, November 26, 2012

Simsbury Celebrates 2012

Had a fun time on Saturday night at Simsbury Celebrates. They sure know how to put on a good time. We couldn't even do all we wanted to do. We started out watching a 45 minute program called Bubble Mania. It was fantastic for all ages. We have never seen so many things done with bubbles. Casey Carle, the bubble expert, has performed all over the world. He not only shows what he can do with bubbles, but presents it in a funny and entertaining way. He even put a girl in a bubble!

 Jeremiah and Kayden beautifully decorated cookies. Good thing I took pictures because they ate them right after they decorated them. They also made a Christmas craft, and had hot chocolate and popcorn (after a hot dog and fried dough).

Ski Sundown had snowboarding and skiing demonstrations on a man made snow slope.

The residents of Simsbury and beyond should be warned that there are a large number of kids who on Saturday night graduated from Pirate School! But they were taught to be good pirates. 
 After all that, there was a fire truck parade with trucks from surrounding towns all decorated with Christmas lights. The firemen handed out candy to the children. On the final fire truck was Santa!

                       The grand finale was fireworks. Simsbury sure knows how to celebrate! Thank you!

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