Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A mini-adventure


After George said that we should go to all the Connecticut state parks (which will take us years), I said we should go to all the miniature golf courses. I have always been a miniature golf fan with most of my games having been played at Cape Cod with their elaborately decorated courses with waterfalls, pirate ships or statues of animals and playful characters. I have driven by several in Connecticut and since they are not as eye catching and siren-tempting as the ones at the Cape, we never ventured onto many courses. Also, miniature golf was always a vacation thing with us. Well, we are pretty much on vacation now, so we will be attacking the miniature golf courses along with the state parks and some museums too.

Today we started our maiden voyage at the Riverfront Miniature Golf course in the Unionville.

Ice cream was an option, but since we got there at 10 am, we did not partake. It was interesting, though, that you could get as little as one ounce of ice cream for 50-75 cents depending on whether you got hard or soft-serve. What is an ounce? A spoonful?

The games were $6.00 but we had a coupon from the Entertainment book, so we had buy one get one.  Spoiler alert: we enjoyed this course so much that we might one day consider the 10 round frequent golfer pass.

This course did not have any fancy figurines or other distractions. Rocks and water were the appropriate theme as it borders the Farmington River.

Being a rock hound, I loved the rock designs.

The only complaint I would have would be that on a couple of the greens, the hole had been swapped out to another and from the teeing off area, one could be faked out to think the other circle was the hole when it was blocked off. Our advice is to walk up and see where the actual hole is.
Beautiful view of the river

The course was challenging and quite enjoyable.

Of special note, this is one of several locations where you can "rent" bicycles for free to ride the trail. That is on our things to do list too.

Thanks for a great time, Riverfront Miniature Golf! When we continue these mini-adventures, I will post the score, even though I rarely beat George.

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