Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Connecticut River & Goodspeed Opera House

Today we continued our 40th Wedding anniversary celebration with the tickets we were given to the Goodspeed Opera House. We had never been and were excited for this adventure. First we had fish and chips for lunch at this tavern.
We walked a little along the Connecticut River. The swans were not cooperative--they all would not have their heads out of the water at the same time.

Stopped at a cute gift shop. They had all kinds of types of candy that was popular years ago. George was so pleased to find one of his favorites, a Zagnut.
View of the back of the opera house.

The swing bridge had to "swing" for a tall sailboat. Glad we were early. It takes a little while.

 Birds on the bridge.

Almost there.


 View from our front row balcoony seats.

We saw "A Wonderful Life", a musical screenplay version of "It's a Wonderful Life". Those who know me, know that "It's a Wonderful Life" is my favorite movie and I watch it every year. It was hard not to think of Jim Stewart as George Bailey but Duke Lafoon did a great job. As with most plays, some events were changed from the movie. Most were minor, though there were a couple that I was sorry were omitted.

The ending of the movie is so perfect but the play continues mostly for the benefit of a finale musical number. I would rather it hadn't. In fact, to be honest, the music in the entire show was not at all memorable and therefore, we didn't enjoy the music.

It was a fun experience to see a production at the infamous Goodspeed Opera House. I recommend doing it once. It's a beautiful building but for us, we felt we have seen just as good performances at the Warner Theater for much less money. We enjoyed the performance of "Greetings" at Goshen Players last week much more than this. But we are thankful to have had this opportunity and now we can say, "been there done that". We'll stick with our local productions with equally talented actors and a lower ticket price for us.

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