Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day at Bradley Air Museum

Obviously, my Air Force veteran loves planes and the Bradley Air Museum is not a spot where I can say, "Been there, done that", because he always loves to go back. Today was a special treat, though, because it was open cockpit day. As you can see, he enjoyed it and he is ready to go back again.

Funny face because he's making airplane noises. 

A trolley car food "truck"

My Dad spent his career working at Kaman Aircraft. I had to take a picture of one of their helicopters.

Flight simulator

It was amazing to think this is that "tiny" (not!) part that is under the blimp. Wow!



Our reflection in the plane.

Someone offered to take our picture. That rarely happen
And of course, I had to check out the Air Mail display.

I never heard of balloon mail! More close ups below.

Interesting--first time men "flew".
 Of course, we lingered a bit on the little bit about Vietnam.

George was stationed at Pleiku Air Force base. You can see it just above "South Vietnam".

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