Thursday, August 11, 2016

Steam train ride, Riverboat ride and Iwo Jima Memorial

Today we took our grandson to the Essex Steam train and Riverboat ride. I am going to break this down into different categories. First, the guys enjoyed the model train display.

The grounds

The Ride

 On the way back, we were going backwards and had an awesome view of the tracks from our seats.

Then the Special Surprise
The train worker invited Kayden to stand with him (showing him where to hold on) to get a close up view of the tracks. That wasn't all, when they had to give the signal that the tracks were clear after stopping, he let Kayden blow the train whistle three times. No other kids got that special treatment today. That was so special, especially since this kid loves trains. 

The scenery from the train

We saw a deer in one of the fields.

They were very close!
Then there was the advertisements in the train

Next was the Riverboat ride
Don't you just love that everyone always waves to people in trains and boats. Imagine if we did that in cars.....

These are mixture of coming and going from the boat.

Scenery from the boat

Gillette Castle which my girl friend and I went to a few weeks ago.

At the tippy top of the right branch, there is a bird zoomed in several pictures below.

I was taking the scenery and didn't notice this boat and passengers. Then I realized why some guys on our boat were asking for the boat to turn around.  :)

 The Birds

 The guys like the train best, but I liked the river boat with all the birds I got to see.

On our way home we stopped at Connecticut's tribute to Iwo Jima. We had seen it from the highway and one day George stopped and had told me how nice it was. This was mine and Kayden's first time. I highly recommend stopping to take the time to see it. I might go back one day when it's not so hot to better appreciate it.

I didn't realize that I was in the reflection. Yes, I was there today.

Eternal flame

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