Thursday, February 23, 2017

Connecticut Flower and Garden Show

We aren't really gardeners and never paid attention about the flower and garden show. A couple of years ago we went to see a friend's display and we discovered that this flower show sure is a great pick me up in the dreary month of February (though it was an untypical February day with temperatures near 60). Still it's fun to see the colorful flowers and the creative landscaping designs.

This is another post where the pictures are much more impressive than the words. But let's recap our journey beginning with our friends from Supreme Landscaping. It was fun finding all treasures of carved faces hidden in the design.

I bet many did not see this hidden face.

Other landscapes and delights for the eyes along the way:

Anyone wants to buy George a present, he liked the airplane.

Look at those purses and shoes!




Other friends from Gresczyk's Farm

I appreciated looking at the photography contest because the judges gave constructive criticism and praise.

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