Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama: Living under a black cloud?

I have to admit, I am not always a good judge of character. I will see a customer and get one impression of them at first and then realize later that I was entirely wrong. Maybe, just maybe, I've been too critical of Obama. Maybe he's just had a string of terrible bad luck.

Poor guy did not know that William Ayers and his wife were former Weathermen. He did not know when he donated $800,000. to Acorn that they were illegally committing voter fraud, he did not know when he sat in Wright's church that he was going to keep delivering the same type of message for over 20 years, he did not know that his aunt (who he mentioned in his book) was an illegal immigrant and living in government housing. He did not know that she showed up at his campaigns and that she contributed a couple of hundred dollars. He did not know the felons that he was hanging around with and even helping.

Wow. What horrible luck. If someone is living under such a black cloud, do we want that cloud over the White House and therefore, over us?

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