Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I read an article this week that the Secret Service came up with their code names for the new President and his family. I was surprised that the article went on to say the names, evidently not part of the secret in secret service.

President Obama will be "Renegade", Michelle will be "Renaissance" and the daughters will be "Radiance" and "Rosebud". As for the Bidens, they will be "Celtic" and "Capri".

I found this whole concept curious. First the article said it was the task of the Secret Service to come up with these names. I am curious how the process is done. Do they sit around a table brainstorming? Do they have a book of baby names to inspire them? Just how long does this process take--an hour? a day? a week? Do they vote on the names, or pull them out of a hat? Do they have to make sure the names haven't been used for past presidential familes and therefore, have to do some research?

What I wonder about the most is since the code names are not secret, why do they need code names? If they say Obama or the President or Renegade, we all know who they are talking about--as will the enemies, now that the word is out. I really don't understand this whole concept, though it does seem to go hand in hand with other government waste--wasting time and effort for what? Code names that everyone knows. I wonder how much I could have saved them if I suggested that they use their real names? Wonder if that thought ever crossed their minds? Well I guess that part is a secret and they're not telling.

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