Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good News/Bad News

The Good News is the ice storm is over and power has been restored. It was the worst ice storm I ever remember. On the way to work I had to weave back and forth between the left lane and the right to avoid all the broken branches and fallen trees. When I got to work, we were without power all day--I'm getting over a cold and that was not helpful working with my coat on in a cold office.

More very good news is this tree missed our house! George asked someone to cut it down a couple of months ago--it has an X painted on it. They never showed. If it hadn't snapped where it did, it would have gone through our kitchen window or through the roof. We are so grateful for that! Now we still have to have someone come and cut it up.

I am amazed by the birch trees--they should have been called rubber trees. We had two that get all weighted down and make an arch over our driveway. George broke ice off of them to lift them a bit, so that we could drive under (like the last ice storm a few years ago) and they are now back up. I did see some people were not so lucky with their birch trees. I heard chain saws throughout today.

The most often heard term yesterday as people came into the post office, "it looks like a war zone". There were wires down (even one in the post office parking lot), a telephone pole broke and so many trees.

The town of Hartland was hit very hard and parts were without electricity for a couple of days. A church in town offered a free chicken dinner for anyone wanting to come in out of the cold and just to be together--anyone with or without power. How nice the camaraderie of a little town.

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