Monday, March 23, 2009

Sherwood Forest State Park

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We had a wonderful day at the CT shore last weekend. We went to two state parks at beaches that we had never been to before and I would like to go back some day. These pictures were taken at Sherwood Island State Park. We learned that this was the first state park in CT (1914). The tree is a black cherry and is so picturesque standing alone.

I observed that sea gull dive bombing head first three times to finally catch a fish. Another gull swam over and the first one cried out with the fish in his mouth and it sounded like he said, "go home" and the second gull did turn around.

We did not know until we got there that there was a memorial to the CT victims of 9/11. It was dedicated in 2002. The memorial is of granite to represent "endurance, and was placed near the sheltering and beauty of trees and the tranquility of the sea." When you sit on the bench facing it, you are also facing the ocean and the NY skyline. On 9/11 they could see the smoke from the towers. There are individual stones with the names of the CT victims. It is a perfect place to reflect and to remember.

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