Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The lesson in lilacs

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This year was a tremendous year for my favorite flower, lilacs. I enviously watched as I saw some towns bloom before us as they always do. Then my neighbors' all came out. Mine did not. I have three bushes. I used to have another but it died and I learned that they needed more sun. We placed these bushes as best we could to maximize their sun availability but also in a location where we would enjoy them.
I was quite envious as I see a bumper crop of the tiny delicate flowers in various shades of white and purple (my favorite) bless all the other people.

Interestingly when everyone else's had past blossoming, out came my gorgeous bushes. They had the best year ever. The fragrance was so strong and beautiful. Day after day I was in awe. I was able to bring mine into my office to share with people who no longer were enjoying theirs.

Mine are a delicate white with only a trace of possible purple. Someone said they may have bloomed late because they are a different type and that they may be a short bush variety. I don't know, but I did notice that a neighbor that has an unusual and gorgeous pink variety is out now too.

If anything, this was a lesson in not being envious of my neighbor or other people. God has a plan and he will bless us in his time--not mine. Don't worry about your neighbor. Be patient and wait. Have faith.

I've had a couple of wonderful weeks of enjoying them. They are fading now. Seasons of life and blessings come and go. I wonder what will be in store for us next.

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