Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Barkhamsted Style

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Every year our town has it's annual 4th of July parade. We have called Barkhamsted home now for 24 years. I love so much about this beautiful town and I have always meant to devote a blog to it, but for now this is just about our 4th of July parade.

The parade starts out with two people carrying the town banner. It brings back fond memories of the times that each of our kids had the opportunity to do this. They have marched in several of the parades through the years as scouts or in other capacities. For that matter, I guess my husband and I have too.

For a town of over 3,000 people, we get a pretty good turnout. Sure this isn't a huge parade but it has the delicious flavor of Hometown, USA--personal, patriotic and it has a unique quality all it's own to be revealed later--if I get these postings in the correct order. I have a hard time when I have to do multiple postings of the same topic. I also apologize for some of the photos. I was having a horrible time with my camera taking the picture when I wanted it to instead of when the camera decided to.

In this post the last picture is of the Barkhamsted Land Trust's own musical group--the Travlin' Trout Troubadours with our friend, Barbara Dileo as lead singer.They sang a nice repertoire of the type of old songs that make you want to sing along (but we'll leave that to the more talented).

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