Monday, October 26, 2009

Leave for work early and be pleasantly surprised (from the blog)

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I left for work today extra early knowing that I had a harder day than usual ahead of me, however, a couple of miles from work, I was detoured by this. As I glanced to my right, I saw this spectacular sunrise. I pulled over and I reached for my camera which I try to carry with me most times. I wish I had gotten the shot a minute earlier, but it still was the best way to start a day--A time to start with reflection on what really matters, another reminder that God exists, a cleansing of the soul and a smile on my face. Maybe it wasn't meant for me to leave early to get to work rather a chance to enjoy a sunrise.

This is the same spot that I always make time to view the sunrises in late December when once again the timing coincides with my work schedule. How much we take for granted the rising and the setting of the sun everyday. Like the old cliche--stop and smell the roses, stop and see the sunrise.

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