Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who didn't receive a Christmas card from us, chances are if you are reading this, that this sentiment is meant for you too.

The journey of the wise men started with a bright shining star. The prophetic gifts that they brought pale in comparison to the gift that God gave us all on that day starting in the form of a baby’s birth to a Savior’s death and a promise of eternal life in his kingdom.

In these cloudy days it is hard to imagine that bright shining star that the wise men followed but God gives us shining stars all around us. They aren’t lighthouse beacons saving ships by the dozens (well, some are), but most are like a distant twinkling star giving us hope in humanity. I’ve seen them in the person who lets you go in front of them in line, who gives you a ride when you need one, brings you a meal, or invites you to lunch or coffee, shares their coupons, calls or emails to say “hi”, sends a real note in the mail, the person who writes a joke book to share laughter in the world, the people who help animals and children, the person who watches your pets when you are gone, the person who sees you stuck and stops, and I’ve seen them in the simplest gestures from a smile, to a touch to the greatest, a loving hug.

Thank you, our shining stars. We hope in the coming year that you will be surrounded by many stars and that we will be able to be one among the many for you. When your days are dark and cloudy, may you see a glimpse of the Sonshine. Our wish for you in 2010 is that you are blessed and able to be a blessing to others in return.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Bright shining New Year!


George & Debbie

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