Thursday, December 31, 2009

My last sunrise of 2009

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This is the last sunrise I was able to photograph in 2009, taken December 30, 2009. The 31st was too cloudy.

The morning I left my driveway I could see the orange hues in the horizon in the distance. I was hoping to make it in time to get a shot before having to get to work. As I drove around the last corner, I saw the trees barren of leaves yet their tops orange as if leaves had magically appeared. It is the sun shining on the trees that presents this illusion. It promises me that I will find the reward that I am looking for if I go a few more yards. I reach the field and am able to pull over and once again am rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Seeing these sunrises has been blessings of the year. I am amazed every time. I hope you will take the time to see a sunrise in 2010. I know I will--and I hope to take someone with me one day.

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