Monday, February 15, 2010

Church Journey Pictures Weeks 1 & 2

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This is a learning process and each week will get better. As I've sat in some of the beautiful churches we've been in, I've so wanted to take a picture of the inside, but didn't feel it was appropriate. Someone just suggested pictures on the blog and so we decided to put pictures of the outside of every church with each blog. So, today we drove around to past churches and took pictures of the outsides.
Here are two previously mentioned, New Hartford Baptist Church, which is the start up church and therefore, meets at the South End Fire house in Torrington.
The other two pictures are The Life Church in Granby.

Unfortunately, we did not make it the Covenant Presbyterian today, but will post that picture soon. Have patience with us. Also, ignore the date on the pictures. I totally blame that error on my job which made me turn on the date for something I had to do for them and obviously it is quite wrong. We'll reach perfection by week 52!

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