Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Church Journey (Introduction)

I've been hesitant to write this "series", as it will become, but we have been encouraged by several people to do it. Actually, we've been told to write a book, however, it would have such limited appeal based on geographic location and also the topic matter, that I will just blog it. My hesitancy to do this is because most times I try not to name names in my blog--no cause for ruffled feathers or embarrassment. I will try to be gentle.

My husband and I, at this stage in our lives, know what we believe and I can't imagine what would ever change our beliefs, however, this year we have decided to go on a spiritual journey. This is not to change our beliefs, but to study and to experience the different types of worship services there are in our area. Each week we have decided to go to a different church.

Let me pause to state that we know that God's plan is for people to be in a church home and to fellowship and to serve God and others in that church. I have struggled if there is something we could leave with each church (besides our monetary donation), but have yet to find what that could be. We do try to "serve" God in our daily walk by trying (not perfectly, obviously) to walk the Christian walk and talk the talk and to help others when the opportunity arrives.

It has been interesting talking to people and the different types of worship that they like. It is a diverse world. We have been to the charismatic with the raising of hands and the verbal, "Hallelujahs", to services with traditional songs to the contemporary, one with no music, and to the ritualistic services. In six weeks so far, we were surprised at two services to find one person in each without shoes on. I don't know if there is some symbolic reason or just sore feet. My husband and I each know what we like and for the most part we are the same, except I do lean towards contemporary music and he likes the traditional. That is our little hurdle.

For George, also, it is extremely important that a church carry the American flag. It is, of course, because of this great country that we all can worship how we please and being a veteran, he wants us all to remember that. He will worship at a church without the flag one time.

I have taken notes on each church and since I did not start this series until now, I have six weeks to bring you to date. I have my notes in a journal that I will start transposing to here. So, I hope you will enjoy this journey through us. Please note this is only our personal opinion. We realize that everyone has to find their own comfort zone and this is highly subjective. This series is through our eyes only and we encourage those of you who are searching for a church, don't take our word for any of this. Someone else can have a very different take on it. It is a personal journey. As of this date every single church was welcoming, though some more than others. Only one church did we feel slightly uncomfortable in, but again those are our personal feelings.

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