Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bethlehem, CT

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On Saturday we went to the Bethlehem town festival for the first time. What a unique, quaint festival. Of course, the green has a creche and an American flag. The festival takes up the main street in Bethlehem. Each of the old buildings (library, American Legion, two churches and town hall) housed crafts, food and activities. There are also vendors outside the buildings--fair food in December, imagine that!
They also had corn chowder and chicken soup. I got to bring some kettle corn home.

It is an easy walk from building to building. Your senses are bombarded with the delicious smells of the various foods. Besides many craft booths, there was a used book sale (of course I found a book). Santa was there and crafts for the kids. There were horse drawn hayrides.

We were treated to a wonderful bell choir concert at the First Church.

Outside at one point there were speakers broadcasting Christmas music, but unfortunately it didn't play long.

It was a great day to snow or rain, but it was windy and chilly. Depending on the weather, I'd like to return next year. George kept remarking how out in the sticks it was. I thought it was quaint and a little different from the multitude of craft fairs at this time of year. I'm really glad we went and hope it won't be the only time.

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