Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Postal Stamp Change

I just learned that the Post Office has decided to change it rules in regards to who is on a stamp. Previously the rule was someone had to be dead ten years before they could be on a US stamp except for a president who would be honored the year after his death. In recent years it was reduced to someone being dead for five years. Also, a few years ago they allowed a couple of websites to let you put your own pictures or photos on postal stamps for an additional fee. You could put anyone or anything on these. I have seen some of these come through the mail and they are fun to see. I am fine with all this. Well, next year a new law goes into effect. They are dropping the dead requirement on the stamps issued by the postal service. I am sad about this decision. Have they run out of dead people to honor? Surely there are some worthy ones they missed. I am concerned about this becoming a political issue. I don't know how they will determine who is worthy of this honor. If they choose sports figures or actors/actresses, or heaven forbid, politicians, how are they ever going to determine who deserves to be on a stamp? Working with the living is surely going to disappoint some people who think they should be on a stamp or fans of the people who want their favorite idol. There are only so many stamps issued each year. I am going to be very curious to see who will be the first living person to be on a stamp. The other problem with putting a living person on a stamp, is people are human. How many times have celebrities turned out to be not what they seemed to be? I'm not naming names, but I can think of three off the top of my head who were top in their field but have later been discovered to have major skeletons in their closet. If the person were dead, we would not have to worry about skeletons turning up later. I wonder what brought this all about. Maybe I just don't like change. Maybe I just like tradition. It doesn't get my stamp of approval, but my opinion doesn't matter and unless I pay extra, I will never be on a stamp, so I guess I shouldn't care. I do enjoy the variety of stamps that are issued each year. I have my favorites that I like to use on my mail...not just the generic ones. I like the variety and I guess now this will expand the variety. Who knows, maybe one of my favorite living persons will be on a stamp now. It will be interesting. I need to say that the thoughts expressed here are my own and in no way are representative of the Postal Service. These are my personal opinions.

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