Saturday, November 26, 2011

The wrong way to stimulate the economy

It appears the state of things has forced the public into their own way to stimulate the economy. We are approaching the season of giving and/or greed. I heard that unfortunately, while people were out shopping for the black Friday sales, houses were being robbed.

Most likely the thieves will re-sell these items benefiting themselves and the people they sell them to for a bargain. Those being robbed, if insured and over the deductible, will report it to their insurance company and then go out and buy replacements, thus helping the economy.

I hope no one will take this seriously. It is a personal violation to have your home invaded. The more insurance claims, the higher rates will go. This is not even taking into consideration it is ethically, morally and legally wrong. Just somehow I feel our world is heading more and more in that direction.

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