Sunday, February 12, 2012

Salisbury Ski Jumps

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It was a little colder than it has been lately, but typical for February. The lack of snow was not typical but fortunately for man made snow, we were able to experience something that has gone on for 86 years in Connecticut, yet we had never attended. The Salisbury Ski jumps have been qualifying skiers for the Olympics for years and we decided perhaps it was time that we checked it out. We have seen the Olympic event on TV but as we got closer to Salisbury and could see the ski jump through the trees in the distance, we knew it would amazing to see in person.

For me, skiing itself is a daunting sport. I could never go down a huge hill on two little pieces pieces of wood or whatever they are made out of nowadays and two little poles to help guide. I know I would break something. So, it was awesome to see someone skiing down the steep hill, flying through the air and at approximately 50 miles an hour, landing on their two feet! The record jump today was 70 meters. An announcer broadcasted keeping us constantly informed.

Despite the freezing temperatures, we enjoyed ourselves. The various bonfires were wonderful places to warm up. The ringing of the cow bells which they sold there, encouraged the skiers and helped remind us to look up from the warmth of the fire to see the latest amazing athlete make the jump. The hot chocolate and food from the concession stand helped warm our insides. We plan on attending other "new to us" events in Connecticut this year. This was a good start.

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