Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Not to Re-gift

This Christmas I experienced a new gift situation. Names have been changed to protect the innoncent. In the world of Christmas whirlwinds of gift giving, we all find ourselves in situations of some acquaintances that we don't know what to give to or how much to spend and sometimes the awkward moment when someone gives you something and you didn't get them anything. Person A and I exchanged gifts before Christmas but did not open them in front of each other.

When I saw Person A after Christmas, he thanked me for the book. I said, "Um, there was more than a book." I had bought him a gift card and wrapped it in red Christmas wrapping paper and put it in the middle of the book. The book was a small one with jokes in it and I thought for sure even if he just flipped through it that he would see it.

That was when Person A had to come clean. "Well, I saw 'Person B' and I thought he would like the book and so I gave it to him." I was not upset nor sad. Person A is normally a self-centered person and I actually had to refrain from laughing out loud.

After a while, he asked me what the gift card was for. I knew it was a place he liked. It was at this point that I could have told him it was for twice the amount too, but I didn't.

As we thought about the incident, we realized that there would be a chance that Person B would re-gift the book to a Person C who would also enjoy the book. Who would actually end up with the gift card?

Person A knew that I would see Person B before him and asked if I could ask him if he found the gift card. Well, I was a little uncomfortable but with the help of another friend, we asked him. Person B had the biggest laugh over it. Yes, he had found the gift card and he thought it might be a mistake. It was not a gift card that he would have used anyways, but he plans on having fun teasing Person A about this.

So, this Christmas, I've seen a new gift giving scenario--the re-gifting/Indian giver. I think I will laugh about this for years to come.

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