Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baby Jesus Finds his way to our home for Christmas

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Back in April 2010 I posted about the creche that my husband bought at a tag sale from acquaintences. It was a beautiful set. Each piece was wrapped in newpaper or plastic. My husband took out several pieces, but not all. When he got home I took it all out and found there was no baby Jesus. What good is a creche without Jesus? I see the person often who sold us the creche and when I told him the dilemna, he said it was sold "As is." This displeased me coming from someone I've known for years. This summer I got tired of the box hanging around and told George that we should just donate it to Goodwill. He asked, "So someone else can be disappointed?". I said that we would label it, "No Jesus." For some reason we held onto it. Well, my son decided unbeknownst to me to go on a quest. He figured somewhere there had to be someone who had an extra baby Jesus from a creche that they didn't have any more and that they probably couldn't throw it away, but donated it to some kind of thrift store or consignment shop or antique store. Lo and behold, he found one. On Christmas Eve he gave me it as a present. When I opened it, I was so surprised and asked, "How did you?" I wanted to make sure that it wasn't illegally gained (not that he would do that) and that some other family was not going without Jesus. I told him how close we were to getting rid of the creche. We got it out of the box. He was afraid that the baby would be too big for the set. On the contrary, as you can see from the pictures, not only is the size correct, it is amazing how Mary's hand reaches down and touches the cradle just right. So, Ben brought the baby Jesus to our house this Christmas--the perfect gift originally from our Father in Heaven and symbolically from my son to us.

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