Sunday, October 28, 2012

Collinsville Halloween Parade 2012

 What did the hot dog say to the nun? I have no clue but this is just one of the odd sights we saw Saturday night at the Collinsville Halloween Parade.
We love looking at all the costumes. People take this seriously and the costumes are creative and many are quite unique.

I could tell a funny story about this picture but I don't want to embarrass someone. If you see me you can ask me.

Even dogs wore costumes.

Halloween ghosts were strung across the street.

This guy loved posing for us.

This guy also asked if I got his picture okay.

This is hard to see, but the mad scientist shot ghosts of candy out of the cannon.

I wonder if they are all related.

Even jelly fish!

And of course, a little princess!

The sun was there. The moon was too.
These were the judges for the costumes.

Some houses along the parade route are decorated. This one had entertainment on the porch.

A grandfather clock.

These people were over the top with their yard....strobe lights, an electric chair and quite a little ham in the chair.

There were a couple of grave yards with humorous tombstones, for example: "Claire Voyant. She didn't see it coming."

Great carved pumpkin display.

Big bird carried a sign saying "Save me". (no comment) 

From the porch of this building, Boosilini makes announcements and encourages the children to yell for candy as he throws some out to the crowd. There is also a screaming contest.

The Great Boosilini!

I am still learning how to use my camera especially at night. I used the flash to be able to capture the wonderful costumes, but it takes away the ambiance.
You cannot see the candle burning in this jack o'lantern, so I took a picture without a flash. Below is the result.

These are only a sample of the many characters we saw. Great fun for all ages. Good job, Collinsville!

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