Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day in Granville, Mass.

I won't get into a discussion as to whether Columbus deserves a day devoted to him. I am not going to argue about getting a day off from work. I am one of the lucky ones who has gotten Columbus day off for the last 30 something years (save a few years when we were allowed to go in for two hours to make the day after not so hard--now we just have a tough day on Tuesday). It's worth a day off.

With most of the state "not" in a day off mode, we have made it a tradition to hop over the border to Massachusetts where Columbus Day is a bigger event and we find ourselves strolling the grounds in Granville, MA every year as they celebrate their Granville Harvest Days. Crafts and food abound and ramble around the town. There are booths on the green, in the church basement, church parking lot, library parking lot, book sale in the basement of the library, craft booths in and out of the school, with shuttle buses taking people to the Meeting house for more displays and to the farms selling apples and such. There are tag sales all around town too and of course the Granville Country Store selling their world famous Granville cheddar cheese and other goodies.

We did a little Christmas shopping but mostly browsing and definitely some eating. Although the selection was sparse, for $3.00 a bag, we could find books to fill a bag at that price in the basement.

We talked to some people we knew and some people we didn't. My husband was in rare form with his quips and puns. We both were feeling better after a lingering cold. It was a little chilly and cloudy, but it didn't rain and was a great autumn day.

The first picture is of one of my customers and her beautiful products she makes--baskets and coasters and mats. She mails them out often and it was nice to see them on display. They are so beautiful that it was hard to chose between them. You can check out her stuff on Etsy at Yellow Violet.

 These  mittens were made by two of the craftiest sisters I know. Every year they come up with some wonderful new item they have crafted. They did have other items on display, but these were the latest edition. These beautiful unique mittens were made out of sweaters. Unfortunately they only sell them here and not online. (But I do know where they live).

 It always amazes us the different kinds of crafts people do and how there always seems to be something new. If you love jewelry, there is no way you could not have found something you liked.

We love the home made relish that they serve with the hot dogs. We did miss the potatoes and onions this year that for some reason weren't being served but we were assured they would be back next year. There was plenty else to chose from for food. You should not go away hungry.

Recent years they have added tours of the Noble & Cooley Company drum shop where I had my first summer job. We went last year and it was fun to once again be in that old building and the memories of my summer factory work experience for two summers.

This year we saw there was a quilt show in the building across from it.

If you have never been to the Granville Harvest Days, you should check it out. It always runs three days ending on Columbus Day--maybe you will find it becoming a tradition with you too.

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