Saturday, August 17, 2013

Encounter with a Cop--Guilty until proven innocent?

This morning I went on my merry way of Saturday errands. My first stop was CVS armed with coupons and a mission. Satisfied by my purchases there, I proceeded back towards Stop & Shop.

On Route 44 a cop had someone pulled over. The person pulled over had pulled way over but the cop car was halfway over the white line. As the cars passed him, cars in the other direction had to pull over to their shoulder. I was thinking how unsafe it all was.

Well, two seconds later, the cop pulled out and put on his flashers and I thought, "Is he pulling me over?" And I realized he was.

My mind continued to run, "What did I do wrong?" I knew the speed limit was low and if I were over it, so be it, but I didn't know how I could have been speeding going around him. I knew our registration was up to date. I just could not imagine.

Well, I saw him get out and he came to the passenger side and I rolled down the window (a couple of weeks ago it broke and we could not open or close it, thankfully George had fixed it). He said he was pulling me over for talking on my cell phone. I said that I wasn't. I said sometime I do rest my head on my hand when driving. He said he saw me talking on the phone and that he wanted my license and registration. I got them out but insisted that I wasn't talking on a cell phone. I said, "Where is my phone?" holding up my empty hands.

He said he did not know but he saw me. I said, "I'll show you where my phone is." I had to lean over to the left and squeeze my hand in my pants pocket to get out the cell phone. He then asked to see my pocket book which was on the seat. I did, but I said, "Why?" I wasn't sure he was allowed to do such a thing. He said he was looking for another phone.

He, in the mean time called the dispatcher. He glanced in my pocket book and then he said, that he must have made a mistake.

What a way to start my morning. I was so upset of being falsely accused. If I had been doing something wrong, I would have been disappointed in having my first ticket (other than a parking ticket), but I was innocent!

You know what is serendipitous about all this? When I set out in the morning, I put my cell phone in the cup holder so I would not have to find it in my pocket book if someone called. When I went into CVS, I forgot it and while I was shopping, I left my cart and went back to the car to get it in case someone called. If I had not gone back out to the car to get it, it would have been in the cup holder and I know he would have given me a ticket.

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