Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today would have been Mom's 80th birthday.

Today would have been my Mother's 80th birthday. I recall Jim Croce's song "Photographs and memories, all that I have left are these to remember you....All the love that you gave to me, somehow it can't be true, that's all I've left of you."

My Mom and me

A close knit family of three for 60 years.

We are holding hands in this picture. She was ALWAYS there for me all my life.

She played with and crafts. She spent hours painstakingly making clothes for my Barbie dolls.

My wedding day. The day I moved away from home.

Mom and Dad looked so happy.

Mom loved Cape Cod and birds.

She loved her grandkids so very much and spoiled them rotten.

Her favorite granddaughter, Tiffany.
Her favorite grandson.

Her favorite husband who she stood beside for 61 years.

She loved her birds and all animals.

She loved listening to Dad play the piano (especially with a bird on his shoulder).

Photographs and fond, loving memories remain.

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