Sunday, November 3, 2013

Veteran's Day Parade 2013, Hartford, CT

A picture is worth 1000 words, so I have about 10,000 "words" I can put here. I'll see how many this will let me download from the Veteran's Day Parade today. We heard it is the biggest Veteran's Parade in New England.
Represented were not only Veterans of every war from our lifetimes but even back to the beginning of our country's birth--those who fought for our freedoms and liberties.
It warms my heart every time someone approaches my husband and thanks him for his service or welcomes him home. As I sat next to a woman I did not know before, but know now after sitting for 2 hours together watching the parade, she commented as I took pictures, "That's what you should take a picture of"--George being thanked. She was right. I go to this parade for my husband, as I know how much pride he takes in being a Vietnam Veteran, especially now when they are no longer looked down upon. We all should be so thankful that there are those who are willing and have served for us. We owe them all deep gratitude.
It is for that reason, I am going to try and include as many pictures as I can in the event that someone happens across this and sees themselves if they were unable to get a picture.
Thank you Veterans!

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