Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blanket Battles

Now here's a pause in our comings and goings for a little commentary. Yes, we have been married for 39 years and there has been necessary adapting--even when sleeping. First was the CPAP machine. It was like sleeping with Darth Vader with the heavy breathing. I could get used to that, but the air breathing out into my face was not so pleasant. I learned to turn over when he was facing me or put a pillow between us. Eventually a new CPAP was not as loud. We adapted.

Now somehow my husband has amnesia and has forgotten how to turn over politely in bed without taking all the blankets and sheets with him. And who puts their leg on top of the blanket cementing it in place? Why take the blankets if you are not going to use them? I wake up and grumpily, grit my teeth and with all my might, reclaim my fair share. It does get exasperating to go to bed wishing to get a restful sleep and to find myself in a war. 

I will admit it is not like that every night, but when we went away recently, we stayed at a very nice motel with the same size bed that we have at home. I found it to be comfortable and could have had a nice night sleep. The next morning I asked my husband, "How did you sleep?" It was a trap question.

He replied, "Horrible" to which I surprised him, "I know!" He flipped and flopped and tossed and turned. His arm flung on me a couple of times and when I swear I was hanging on to a quarter of the bed at one point, I woke him to get him on his half. The top blankets were on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Of course, when someone is sleepy it is hard to argue the middle of the bed boundaries or equality of blanket coverage. The evidence is in the dark and hard to prove. I had my "ah ha!" moment recently.

One of the nights away, we stayed in a room with two queen beds. I was happy to opt for separate beds. I slept well. When we woke up the next morning, he said, "Did you sleep there? How did you do that?" Here are how our two beds looked upon waking up.

Here is the evidence. I slept in the bed which looks hardly slept in. George slept in the other one--the sheets are going every which way and the blanket is a mess--that's with just one person! I now have proof of what I have to put up with!

Now I do have to say that I am not the perfect sleeping partner. It's been rumored that I may sometimes snore. Much like the half of the bed boundary line, it's hard to prove to the snorer.

I hope this wasn't TMI for some of you. I feel vindicated. Today is our 39th wedding anniversary. Through good times and bad times, in sickness and health and blanket battles, I guess we got this under control.

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