Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our October jaunt continued

We enjoy going up to Weston,Vermont every couple of years to visit the Vermont Country Store. I say visit because we love looking at all the unusual items, many which are blasts from the past. Some would be fun to buy, but most we just don't want to spend the price. So, it's more a window shopping experience, but still fun. And sometimes we do buy a little something.

If you go to the this store, you must also go to the store across the street who claims to be older than the Vermont Country Store and although it is smaller, I found a couple of the same items a little cheaper and their prices in general were a little more tolerable for us. Also of note, their fudge was delicious and weary travelers can have a cheap little bag of popcorn too which was  a good tied over for us.
From there we took a nice ride up Mount Greylock. Although a cold and dreary day, it still was beautiful.


I took this on the Appalachian Trail, so I have proof that I hiked the Appalachian Trail. (Okay, not the whole thing. Okay, maybe just a few yards--but I also did part in Connecticut too.)

The roof is of a shelter for hikers on the Appalachian Trail. I have seen other shelters on the trail in other states that are just lean-to's but this was a nicer shelter.

Another day of our travels we went to North Adams, MA. This is the former railroad yard that has been transformed into several buildings, one of which a restaurant where we had a nice lunch. The building with the flags in front is the Heritage State Park Museum. There we saw an interesting video and displays about the Hoosac Tunnel. This 4.75 miles of tunnel took 25 years to build and 200 men lost their lives building it. It connects Mass. to Albany, NY. Evidently the train still uses it but there is no way to go see the tunnel except for taking the train.

For our final day, I will make a separate post. Stay tuned.

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