Monday, October 12, 2015

Colebrook River Dam

We went for an autumn ride after our visit to the Riverton Fair. We drove to the Goodwin Dam and then to the Colebrook River Dam. As we were looking at the water and dam, we noticed some cars were driving along a road that had always been blocked off when we had been there before so, off we went.
It was a fascinating ride along the water which has been drained and reveals some of the remains of the village of Colebrook River which was flooded for the dam. I knew the history of this in West Hartland and Barkhamsted but didn't know that the same thing happened in Colebrook.
It was quite interesting seeing the remains of foundations and walls.
We had been on a bus tour before of the Barkhamsted/Hartland area and a guide told us where certain landmarks had been. I wish we had a tour today to know what we were looking at.

This was the road that we had never been on before. A nice scenic ride.

We were talking to someone who goes here often and says that some years you don't see the bridge or just the top of it. We were fortunate to see so much of it.
I looked on line and if you click on this link, you can see an old photograph which I believe shows this bridge--don't quote me but I believe it is.

There were some huge tree trunks.

We joked these were crop circles. Obviously someone had some fun.

Looking to the right, there is a strip of pinkish colored ground. We wondered if it were clay. Finally when we got closer, we realized it was just thousands of wild flowers. I couldn't zoom enough to give them justice.

Here is a close up of a few of those pink flowers that covered the ground across the water.

These are the flowers, that from a distance look like it was clay because there so many.

And it was a BIG dip.

This was the end of the road. Previously when we had been here, the road was blocked and we couldn't go on the bridge. So, today we got to go on uncharted territories.

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