Saturday, April 30, 2016

Simply People Watching from a Parade

When I look at the pictures after I get home from a parade, I like to zoom in and see people and their reactions. If you like to people watch, you might enjoy some of these. I assume few will be interested.

Evidently this is the arms crossed club.

I didn't know that inflatable aliens make such good pieces of furniture.

Curious about this body language.

At first I thought this was fun with the two of them pointing in opposite directions, but the closer I look, I think the boy is purposely blocking the girl's view.

Sure enough!

And so it starts, the girls whispering something about the boys...

Deep in thought?

Lollipops aren't just for kids.

Love the hand in the pocket.

You're never too old to wave to Ronald McDonald.

"Boy, I wish I had his higher seat."

Waving to the characters on the float.

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